Up-Sorber Wall

Up-Sorber Wall

Ikona symbolizująca zjawisko pochłaniania fali dźwiękowej


Ikona symbolizująca średnie tony fal dźwiękowych

mid tones

Ikona symbolizująca wysokie tony fal dźwiękowych

high tones

Sound absorbing system

Up-Sorber Wall is made of specific sound-absorbing filling covered with fabric and it provides variety of colours and textures. Our sound absorbing system offers you various designs to reduce noise in your interior. From single rectangular shapes to sophisticated structures, this unique system gives you options to mount both on walls and ceilings. The greatest advantage of Up-Sorber Wall is you can use it in larger interiors as well as in small rooms, preventing your acoustical environment from flutter echo.

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Kompozycja paneli pochłaniających dźwięk na ścianie w kantynie biurowej
Ściana pokryta systemem dźwiękochłonnych paneli akustycznych pokrytych ozdobną tkaniną
Zbliżenie na tkaninę panelu dźwiękochłonnego
System paneli dźwiękochłonny pokrytych tkaniną na ścianie w biurowej kantynie
Ściana z kompozycją paneli akustycznych dźwiękochłonnych pokrytych tkaniną
Kompozycja systemu paneli akustycznych dźwiękochłonnych na ścianie wyciszająca przestrzeń biurową
Ustrój akustyczny dźwiękochłonny pokryty tkaniną akustyczną we wzory

AS Team

Architected Sound Team


Up-Sorber Wall is a sound absorbing system designed for both walls and ceilings. It can take various of shapes and textures depending on an individual taste and acoustical needs. Up‑Sorber Wall consists of sound absorbing material such as mineral wool and is finished with acoustically transparent textile fabric.

Up‑Sorber Wall structure should be mounted with system battens on a wooden grid. Due to different character of each project the system requires specified mounting. It ensures the reduction of the visibility of the mounting structure to a minimum.


Adjusted to the individual project.
Max width: 1200 mm


10 kg/m2 at 90 mm depth


textiles, mineral wool / PET / polyethylene foam, PVC strips
Available in broad variety of plain and patterned finishing textiles.


Architected Sound Team

Sound absorption coefficient

αw, max = 1.0

Please note, that the colors shown are for illustrative purposes only.

Before placing an order, please contact us at info@architected-sound.com in order to verify the colours and their availability.

  • lecture rooms
  • conference rooms
  • classrooms
  • recording studios
  • emission and sound engineering rooms
  • individual and group rehearsal rooms
  • waiting rooms
  • public and consumer spaces
  • open-space
  • domestic interiors

The ability to precisely design the sound absorption characteristics by choosing the right fill and cover materials.
It is possible to make inlets for lighting, cables, ventilation grilles, etc.

Technical drawing

Up-Sorber Wall sound absorbing system - Technical drawing with dimensions

Fire safety

Made of materials with flammability class at least B-s1 d0.

Sound absorption coefficients of Architected Sound Up-Sorber Wall

Architected Sound Up-Sorber Panel sound absorbing panel - sound absorption coefficients graph

Practical sound absorption coefficient αp

frequency 1/1-oct.
125 Hz 0.75 0.25
250 Hz 1.00 0.70
500 Hz 1.00 0.95
1000 Hz 0.95 1.00
2000 Hz 0.95 0.95
4000 Hz 0.95 0.95
  • at 60 mm depth of element *
  • at 90 mm depth of element *
  • * results obtained from analytical calculations

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