SlotBar Alu

Ikona symbolizująca zjawisko pochłaniania fali dźwiękowej


Ikona symbolizująca niskie tony fal dźwiękowych

low tones

Ikona symbolizująca średnie tony fal dźwiękowych

mid tones

Acoustic wall slats

SlotBar is a modular sound-absorbing system. Its properties result from specifically designed slot system which maintains optimum acoustic conditions and provides innovative shape. The whole structure made from aluminium guarantees sound absorption in the low frequency range. SlotBar can be used as a standalone system or in addition to our OptiDi diffuser.

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Adaptacja akustyczna Slotbar na ściany w domowym kinie
Dźwiękochłonne listwy akustyczne pułapka basowa na ścianie w pokoju odsłuchowym

SlotBar can be usedas a standalone systemor in addition to ourOptiDi diffuser.

DesignerAS Team

Architected Sound Team


SlotBar Alu

SlotBar Alu + Optidi

SlotBar Alu is possible to finish in any colour from RAL K7 Classic palette or wood–like varnish.

RAL K7 Classic

The most popular colours

Wood-like varnish

Non-binding color sample.
Production-related and/or application-related deviations are possible.

Before placing an order, please contact us at in order to verify the colours and their availability.

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