What we do

In response to the growing residential and commercial noise problem,we can provide professional consultancyand noise measurements as well as acoustic calculations.

We consult

at every stage of the investment, choosing the right solutions to the needs and capabilities of the customer

We verify

and provide technical documentation in the field of building & room acoustics following the latest standards

We measure

any acoustical parameters such as insulation of building partitions, noise level at a workplace or reverberation time of the room

We design

unique acoustic solutions with distinctive aesthetic values and excellent efficiency, individually tailored to any interior

Acoustic properties

Each of our acoustic products is marked with specially selected icons that allow you to recognize their core properties and functions.

Icon symbolizing the phenomenon of sound absorption by the acoustic system


Icon symbolizing the phenomenon of sound reflection


Icon symbolizing the phenomenon of sound diffusion


Icon symbolizing the phenomenon of sound attenuation


Icon symbolizing low tones

low tones

Icon symbolizing mid tones

mid tones

Icon symbolizing high tones

high tones

Optimum acoustic conditions in your own environmentcan be achieved by proper balance between reflection, absorption and diffusion.

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