As there is a growing problem of noise
at residential and commercial buildings
we are offering advice, consultation and acoustic measurement services.

We advice

at every stage of the project, selecting appropriate solutions to the needs and capabilities.

We verify

and creating acoustic studies in accordance with applicable building law, ordinances and norms

We measure

acoustic parameters of interiors, insulation and vibration of building partition, noise level at the workplace.

We design

and implementation of individual acoustic systems tailored to a given interior and user needs, based on unique technological and material solutions.

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Acoustic properties

All our acoustical products are marked with dedicated icons
to help you navigate through their different properties.
We designed them to be picked up easily by specified function
referring to acoustic behavior explained below:

Icon symbolizing the phenomenon of sound absorption by the acoustic system


Icon symbolizing the phenomenon of sound reflection


Icon symbolizing the phenomenon of sound diffusion


Icon symbolizing the phenomenon of sound attenuation


Icon symbolizing low tones

low tones

Icon symbolizing mid tones

mid tones

Icon symbolizing high tones

high tones

Optimum acoustic conditions in your own environment
can be achieved by proper balance between reflection, absorption and diffusion.

Acoustic guide