Ikona symbolizująca zjawisko rozproszenia fali dźwiękowej


Ikona symbolizująca zjawisko pochłaniania fali dźwiękowej


Ikona symbolizująca niskie tony fal dźwiękowych

low tones

Sound diffuser system

OptiDi is one of the kind diffuser giving your interior a unique aesthetics. It combines philosophy of minimalistic design and great acoustic properties. Its specific shape made of aluminium provides sound diffusion combined with efficient absorption in a lower frequency range. OptiDi providing a great visual effect and outstanding acoustical performance.

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Sound diffuser system on the wall near the scene in the philharmonic
Sound diffuser system on the wall in the performance hall
Sound diffuser system on the wall in the cinema hall
Aula wykładowa z zastosowaniem dyfuzora akustycznego OptiDi
Optidi sound diffuser system with slotbar on the wall in rehearsal room
Sala prób z zastosowaniem dyfuzora akustycznego OptiDi
Sala prób z zastosowaniem dyfuzora akustycznego OptiDi

AS Team

Architected Sound Team


OptiDi system diffuses sound in mid and high frequencies, most effectively as a combination of positive and negative modules. Due to internal filling and variable slots’ width, bass absorption may be adjusted to a particular frequency of choice. OptiDi is usually used on walls but it can be designed for ceilings or as a portable panel as well.


150 × 1200 × 40 mm

Max lenght

  • 7500 mm - colours from RAL K7 Classic palette
  • 7000 mm - varnish


17 kg/m2




Architected Sound Team

Sound absorption coefficient

αw, max = 0.20

Additional information

Technical solution developed in cooperation with the AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow.
Community design number: 004417723-0001 and 004417723-0002.

Logo of AGH University of Science and Technology.

OptiDi system is possible to finish in any colour from RAL K7 Classic palette or wood–like varnish.

RAL K7 Classic

The most popular colours


Non-binding color sample.
Production-related and/or application-related deviations are possible.

Before placing an order, please contact us at info@architected-sound.com in order to verify the colours and their availability.

  • concert halls
  • philharmonic halls
  • theater halls
  • opera houses
  • rehearsal rooms
  • recording studios
  • control rooms
  • radio and TV emission rooms
  • lecture halls
  • classrooms
  • conference rooms
  • waiting rooms
  • offices
  • dedicated listening rooms

Usually custom-made due to specific absorption needed.

Ceiling structure and mobile version possible. Various depth and bass absorption properties on demand.

Technical drawing

Technical drawing of OptiDi acoustic diffuser - cross section view and front view

Fire safety

Made of materials with flammability class A1.

Sound absorption coefficients of Architected Sound OptiDi

Architected Sound OptiDi acoustic diffuser - Graph of sound absorption coefficients

Practical sound absorption coefficient αp

frequency 1/1-okt.
125 Hz 0,60 0,55 0,00
250 Hz 0,45 0,50 0,05
500 Hz 0,20 0,20 0,05
1000 Hz 0,15 0,15 0,05
2000 Hz 0,15 0,15 0,10
4000 Hz 0,15 0,15 0,10
  • slit 1 mm + mineral wool 50 mm, o.d.s. 90 mm*
  • slit 1 mm + mineral wool 100 mm, o.d.s. 140 mm**
  • direct mounting, o.d.s. 55 mm*
  • * results obtained from analytical calculations
    ** measurement conducted in accordance to PN-EN ISO 354:2005

Sound scattering coefficients of Architected Sound OptiDi

Architected Sound OptiDi acoustic diffuser - Graph of sound scattering coefficients

Sound scattering coefficient s

frequency 1/3-okt.
1000 Hz 0,05
1250 Hz 0,13
1600 Hz 0,28
2000 Hz 0,44
2500 Hz 0,53
3150 Hz 0,62
4000 Hz 0,82
5000 Hz 0,90
  • slit from 0 to 5 mm*
  • * measurement conducted in accordance to ISO 17497-1:2004

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Product Sheet cover of Architected Sound Optidi
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