We provide services at every stage of the project,
from the idea to the final assembly.

Architected Sound OptiDi Panel acoustic diffuser

Unique acoustic solutions

We design and manufacture bespoke acoustic systems, combining excellent acoustic properties with aesthetic design.

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We provide our clients with detail scope and any advice needed on the best way to approach any phase of the project. We help to precisely select solutions tailored to the requirements and character of the interior.

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Our team can consult at every stage of the investment, choosing the right solutions to the needs and capabilities of the customer
Monstera deliciosa leaf pattern and the Architected Sound logo cut on a CNC machine at EcoPET

CNC milling services

We help designers’ visions come to life. We cut out any shapes along the contour. Send us your project and we’ll handle the rest!

Acoustic evaluation and analysis

We provide support in acoustic analysis, calculations, predictions, design and reporting, all in accordance with applicable construction law, latest standards and regulations.

Screen with sound wave
Sound & Vibration Analyser Svantek 979

Acoustic measurements

We undertake preliminary analysis of the acoustic characteristics of the space under assessment and we carry out measurements in the field of building acoustics, including: acoustic parameters of interiors, acoustic insulation of building partitions, noise in the workplace etc.


As part of our service, we also perform supervision of the works in the field of building acoustics: acoustic insulation and acoustic treatment.

Our team perform supervision of the works in the field of building acoustics: acoustic insulation and acoustic treatment.