Dominika Gulińska

Ikona symbolizująca zjawisko pochłaniania fali dźwiękowej


Ikona symbolizująca średnie tony fal dźwiękowych


Ikona symbolizująca wysokie tony fal dźwiękowych

high tones

Acoustic furniture

The Bengle together with EcoPET is a piece of furniture that involves sound absorbing material that doubles up as a seat. Easy assemble and dismantle, the possibility of using it as a seat, bar stool, worktop or leg rest makes it an ideal solution when unexpected guests show up and you are running short on seating areas. A wide range of available colours used for a seat can create a perfect addition to any private or public room.

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Quality and certificates

Quality and safety are our top priority.
Therefore, we use materials that meet the highest standards and comply with the requirements of the building law.
Some of our products additionally meet the requirements of the RoHS directive and the REACH regulation.

RoHS compliant
Reach compliant

EU 1907/2006

Certyfikat wolny od formaldehydu

EN 717-1:2004

formaldehyde free

Certyfikat klasy niepalności

B-s2, d0   C-s1, d0

fire resistance


Detailed information, which we are working on, will soon be available here.

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