We love silence and exceptional design, therefore, when creating our products,
we combine creative design with the most advanced knowledge about acoustics.

EcoPET the Timber

wooden celling & wall cladding

EcoPET the MeeSi

acoustic light fitting

EcoPET the Contour

acoustic slat panel

EcoPET the Abstract

acoustic panel
Sound absorbing ceiling panel
Sound absorbing ceiling panel

EcoPET the Baffle

sound absorbing ceiling panel
Mobile acoustic panel
Mobile acoustic panels in office space

EcoPET on Wheels

mobile acoustic panel
Acoustic colourful ceiling tile t24 t15

EcoPET the Ceiling Tile

coloured ceiling tile
Free standing acoustic partition

EcoPET the StandAlone

acoustic screen
Acoustic 3d ceiling panels

EcoPET the Grid

raster acoustic ceiling
Sound absorbing colorful custom furniture fronts
Colorful acoustic custom furniture fronts

EcoPET the Skin

acoustic furniture fronts

EcoPET the Underlay

under-furniture acoustic system
Soft sound-absorbing acoustic radiator cover
Custom-made sound-absorbing radiator cover

EcoPET the Overlay

sound-absorbing radiator cover


acoustic furniture
Sound absorbing light fitting
Sound absorbing light fitting

EcoPET the Lamp

acoustic light fitting
Sound absorbing vertical blinds for office

EcoPET the Blinds

acoustic window blinds

EcoPET the Desk Divider

sound absorbing desk screen
Colourful sound-absorbing panel tiles in custom shapes
Sound absorbing custom decorative wall panel in a shape of monstera leaves


sound absorbing panel
Sound absorbing acoustic painting
Sound absorbing acoustic painting

Aco-ustic Painting

sound absorbing painting

Up-Sorber Wall

sound absorbing system
Architected Sound Up-Sorbing Panel - Sound absorbing panel - product thumbnail
Wizualizacja adaptacji akustycznej pomieszczenia z zastosowaniem paneli akustycznych Up-Sorber Panel

Up-Sorber Panel

sound absorbing panel
Architected Sound SlotBar - Sound absorbing system - product thumbnail
Architected Sound SlotBar - ustrój akustyczny pochłaniający dźwięk w zakresie niskich tonów


sound absorbing system