Acoustic treatment

Lecture Room No. 11at the Faculty of Interior Design

2021  •  Kraków


Reverberation in the lecture hall

The main issue in the lecture hall at the Faculty of Interior Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków was the excessive reverberation present in the room.

The large volume of the lecture hall and the raw interior finishing with hard surfaces caused strong sound reflection and overlapping, effectively hindering the clarity of speech during classes with students. Guided by our motto: Form + Function = Design, we embarked on a project to reduce the noise in the lecture hall where creative brainstorms of young designers take place every day.

We are proud to say that the Faculty of Interior Design at the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts is particularly close to our hearts because the design team at Architected Sound includes very talented graduates of this study program.

Our solution

Noise under control

In the first stage of the acoustic treatment project in the lecture hall, acoustic measurements were conducted to determine the initial acoustic conditions in the mentioned room.

Based on the results obtained, our design team, in collaboration with acousticians from Gorycki & Sznyterman, designed the acoustics of the lecture hall by selecting appropriate sound‑absorbing solutions. A strong advantage of the applied acoustic adaptation is its unobtrusive design. The proposed acoustic products perfectly blend into the minimalist interior of the lecture hall, where we installed:

  • 10 pieces of standalone sound-absorbing partition walls StandAlone with the Faculty of Interior Design logo on 2 of them
  • 3 pieces of acoustic blinds Blinds
  • 4 pieces of acoustic light fitting Lamp

Products we used

Lecture room at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, where acoustic adaptation was carried out by installing sound absorbing acoustic panels, standing sound absorbing partitions and hanging sound absorbing acoustic ceiling rafts.
Window in the lecture room at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow is covered with vertical sound absorbing acoustic blinds.
Freestanding sound absorbing partitions in lecture hall

2.5 timesshorterreverberation time

clarity of verbalcommunicationimprovment

elimination ofreverberationnoise


We feel absolutely fantastic in our new 'old' hall!

In the final stage of work, acoustic measurements were conducted again to objectively verify the completed work. Our subjective feelings of improved acoustic comfort were confirmed by the results of the acoustic measurements. The over 2.5-fold reduction in reverberation time resulted in the complete elimination of reverberation noise and a significant increase in the clarity of verbal communication.

The new acoustic conditions greatly facilitate teaching, learning, and focused work, as confirmed by the feedback we received from the faculty and students of the department: “We admit that we feel absolutely fantastic in our new ‘old’ hall!”

prof. Marek Błażucki / ASP
Architected Sound