What do we believe in?

We do see the flaws of this overwhelming world where thousands of stimuli reach us every day. People do not notice the noise around them but it’s constantly ruining our lives  and it is burdening our minds. It makes us feel fatigued and inefficient.

We want to rest.

We are dreaming of a different world. We want to give options, showcase the variety. We are offering products that matter, they transform spaces into comfortable places.
Due to our solutions, home can finally be a place of rest and respite. Our creations are simple. They are functional, balanced, do not shout and do not litter, they simply just work.
Because great design is unobtrusive.

We are inspired by silence

Architected sound attitude

We truly believe great design can go hand in hand with great performance. As we are inspired by silence, we develop technical products that are drafted with great aesthetics in mind. Now you don’t have to choose between a visually pleasant form and a comfortable, quiet environment.

Custom design

We are very flexible and simply love challenges.
That’s why we design and create many customized solutions interacting with a customer since an idea was born until the very final product.
We are also proud to help our customers in increasing their knowledge and awareness about acoustics and its meaning in our everyday lives.


Bringing to life acoustic solutions that don’t compromise on aesthetics requires a team of unique people. Our squad is formed by acoustic engineers, product designers, architects and interior designers. The combination of skills and experience of each of our specialists makes it possible to invent extraordinary acoustic panels and many more.


Our philosophy is based around our environment. We are dedicated to create more products not only from recycled materials but also recyclable after use.
Moreover, we emphasize components of our panels to make them safe for our planet and ourselves. To us it feels like a great design – long lasting and harmless.