• The frame is made of powder-coated steel.

• Materials of class A1 fire resistance certificate.

• Tilt55 frame should be mounted just like a standard ceiling tile in the system T24 grid.

• Minimal height of the ceiling construction which enables the use of the Tilt55 element is 150 mm (at the 5° angle).

• In case of concave installation, standard ceiling tile (type 600 mm x 600 mm)
should be placed in Tilt55 frame mounted in the T24 grid. In case of convex installation of the Tilt55 frame in T24 grid, the ceiling tile should be cut to the dimensions of 569 mm x 569 mm.

• Possibility of painting in any chosen colour from the NCS or RAL palette.

• Width x length x height [mm]: 595 x 595 x 80 – 110 (typically 80).

• Weight of one frame [kg]: 1.15.

• Possibility to choose the angle of inclination from 5° to 7°.

• It is siutable with all types of ceiling tiles, type 600 mm x 600 mm.