• The system is made of wood-based material.

• Possibility of making the system out of materials with fire resistance class at least D-s1.

• Installation according to the installation instructions, on a wooden grid with mounting clips, braced with spacing laths

• Possibility of veneering or dyeing in any chosen colour from the NCS palette.

• Standard element dimensions (width x height x depth) [mm]: 150x1200x10. Minimal depth of a single element is 10 mm and depends on the selected material and the type of teletechnical equipment installed; it is established without taking into account the dimensions of the wooden substructure. Non-standard dimensions are available on request, correspondingly to the description or the project requirements.

• Weight of the system: approx. 10 kg/m2 (at 10 mm depth of the element).

• Possibility to finish off the edges with a hardwood masking frame.

• Possibility to mount executive modules and teletechnical or electrical equipment inside the system.

• Possibility to finish the edges with a masking frame made of wood or wood-based materials in any colour from the NCS palette.