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• Up-Sorber Wall is a sound absorbing system which combines both acoustical and esthetic qualities, enabling functional and original creation of space.

• Up-Sorber Wall is a novel system, designed to cover walls and ceiling with sound absorbing material in any chosen shape. The system is made of material
which absorbs sound waves in a broad frequency range, covered with specially chosen textile fabric, fixed on system battens.

• Physical parameters of the materials (type, grammage, density) result from previously conducted acoustic calculations and measurements. The material
which fills the system is entirely deprived of nutrients, which prevents growth of microorganisms, assuring hygiene in designed spaces.

• The system is a perfect match for rooms of large volumes as a protection from reverberant noise, but it may also be used as a part of acoustical adaptation in small spaces, preventing flutter echo.

• Up-Sorber Wall may be applied as a ceiling or wall system.