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• Up-Sorber Roll is an acoustic system which allows the regulation of reverberation time in a room, in the range of middle and high frequencies. It also allows the elimination of undesired first reflections.

• Up-Sorber Roll is used for the regulation of the acoustics of a room, adjusting the acoustic parameters to an interior and its current function.

• Using extended panels based on textile and PVC materials increases acoustic absorption of an interior, and mounting them in the spots where first reflections are created significantly influences sound quality when electroacoustic system is applied.

• Up-Sorber Roll panels can be made of one or two layers of textile materials. Using two layers of the material increases the acoustic absorption in the range of low frequencies and allows obtaining maximum uniformity of acoustic conditions in the whole room.

• Up-Sorber Roll is a panel which is a part of the room acoustics regulation system Room Acoustic Modifier. Optimum adjustment of the room acoustics to the needs of the User is possible thanks to the use of active area of high acoustic absorption, and an acoustically transparent area.