„What is the function of this room?”
„You know… We have concerts and lectures and sometimes kids’ performances in here.”

Architects, designers, acoustics all meet such situations more often now than ever. Designing of multifunctional halls demands to meet the User’s expectations and at the same time consider all the acoustic requirements for each of the hall’s function, which often results in using materials with different sound absorbing properties.

It may seem that changing the hall’s acoustic adaptation for each function is a tough task. However, Architected Sound Room Acoustic Modifier is the system which allows to adjust the room’s acoustic with only one click on the control panel. It is user friendly and the electronic control system and mobile acoustic systems enable quick and easy adjusting of room’s acoustics to User’s needs. Electronically controlled Reffuzor, Up-Sorber Roll and Slot Bars eliminate unwanted sound reflections and regulate reverberation time in broad frequency range and also influences the timbre and directing the first sound reflections.

Room Acoustic Modifier is a system designed to create acoustic conditions adapted for the currently used room’s function, the audience and the presence of electronic sound system. Created for making multifunctionality possible.